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Venten-Preloved | High-End & Designers

Use of your Seller account

At First:

♥ By creating your account you automatically agree to the AGVW Venten- PreLoved 1.2 Sell With Us.
♥ Please note Seller accounts are only available in Dutch.
♥ You will receive an email with your customer information and password.
♥ Through “client login” you can log in to your private environment and see exactly what we do with your items. Your shop in our shop.
♥ To get the most out of all the functions in your account, log in on a computer or tablet.
♥ Log in to the mobile version and you will only see your balance and you will not be in full contact with your shop in the Venten-Preloved platform.

Our procedure:

♥ Your items will be carefully checked for quality and authenticity, archived in your account, photographed and programmed in the Venten-PreLoved webshop, Instagram- and Facebook shop. When all this is done; we display your items in our showroom and you are online.
♥ In case of a sale, you will receive 45% per sold item.
♥ The commission Venten-PreLoved receives is 34% after deducting the VAT. So you always receive a higher percentage.
♥ After a sale is final, the balance is immediately credited to your account. You can easily pay your accumulated balance to yourself whenever you want!
♥ After the end of the season, we’ll sort your unsold items and you’ll receive a pick-up email as soon as they’re ready for you.
♥ After receiving the pick-up email, you have 14 days to schedule your pick-up appointment, with the choice to pick it up yourself or have it sent to you.
♥ Your account must be used at least once every 18 months (from the date of the last intake).
♥ If the account is not used, it will automatically expire after 24 months, including the outstanding balance, this is irreversible.

Your accounts menus:

Personal data/Gegevens:
♥ Here you can adjust and update your data
♥ Changing your password
♥ Check the box to see if you want to receive a reminder e-mail* for possible returns. *This is an automatic “almost over” email. Your items will only be ready for you after you have received the final pick-up email.

Intake data/Inbreng data:
♥ Here you’ll find your lists with submission and return dates, any comments/messages and pdf files of the corresponding dates. The dates are adjusted on the date of the online presentation, this may vary per item.
♥ After entering your contribution, the list of items will be emailed to you as confirmation. The prices in the contribution e-mail show your share per item. Check the list immediately!
♥ All sent mails can always be retrieved in pdf form via the columns “input list” or “return list”.

Here you will find your accumulated credit “Balance”.
♥ To see how the credit is built up, click on the “click here for an overview” link.
♥ Pay yourself by first entering your full IBAN in “Data” and verify that the name you entered corresponds with the IBAN. Please note that bank details will never be entered, modified or used by Venten-PreLoved employees! You are responsible for the correct data and payments!
♥ From € 20.- you can pay yourself out via “JA, BETAAL MIJ UIT VIA BANK”.
♥ You can always exchange your balance for purchase in the showroom or webshop!

♥ This is where you’ll find your complete history of payouts made.

♥ The overview of all your items that are offered in our assortment.
♥ Is this an item from your stock list gone? Then it’s either sold or returned!
♥ Sold? It’ll be on your list at “Balance”.
♥ Returns are ready for pickup as soon as we’ve processed all the data and sent you a pickup email.